Sunday, May 31, 2009

Captain Marvel .. he is no MIDAS.. midas made mistakes.

Hey guys, i have been a little on the rough side of the road. Lets just say my backside is hurting a lot. My team losing out in the IPL semis, my team finishing 2nd best (10 min were all we lasted) in the European Cup Final and then finishing fourth in a IPL prediction sheet. I can act like Saif and say GOD.. IT HURRRTTSSS.. coz some of my friends left no stone unturned in taking the self-boosting screw and shoving it right up my ar$e.
Well now we come on to the big fish. The WORLD CUP T20.
Well to put the bad news first, Captain Marvel would be without his most valuable resources from the last WC. The greatest indian fast bowler of all time, Ajit Agarkar.. we are going to miss him a lot. Agarkar was in KKR and still we hoped for a KKR victory .. lol. Secondly there is no JOGI, whom are we gonna bowl the last over, he is the captain trump card. I m getting goosebumps.. Then there is no appam .. we all know who he is ..Appam is still smarting from the comments he is getting after returning to india. Just heard that he is sending a plea to the PRESIDENT of India to change his name to DOSA, the sledger is becoming the sledged. Now even Symmonds is pulling Appams legs by asking for chutney since appam is too bland.
Even with all these GREATS missing, i still back Captain Marvel to get the cup back to India. He is the all time best captain india has ever had. There are already rumours from the Australian camp to protest against Captain Marvel playing. Even they are tried of losing to the GREAT INDIAN CAPTAIN MARVEL.
This boy from ranchi.. the man with the Golden touch .. just doesnt seem to lose. He defended a modest total of 117 against KINGS with utmost ease (though it did make Priety zinta cry and some one in Mangalore pee in his pants). It was a pleasant surprize to finally see him lose against BRC. Guess Katrina had somethin more to offer than Preity.
The Captain is the only indian to win an ODI series in Australia, the only captain to lead a team sans sehwag and sachin and win an ODI series in SRILANKA twice.. even when we with our fab four were humbled by ajantha mendis in the earlier test.
Self professed fans of cricket had written him of, only to find themselves TAKING A BOW. (which in the literal sense of the word is illegal in INDIA.. if u still cant understand.. well in a JAIL never bend to pick up the soap from the floor). Midas is something Captain Marvel is titled with, but MIDAS made mistakes. Captain Marvel is a perfectionist, the leader of the pack, the strategist who like a exprienced hunter keeps his cool and lets the hunted have a false sense of safety before pouncing and finishing of a KILL.

We want the cup back in INDIA. There was 007 to save the world. There is MAHI to save INDIA.

Friday, May 29, 2009

10 Mins is all it took

Even a session in bed takes 11 minutes according to the author PAulo Coelho.
In Stadio Olimpico, the clash of titans, the Premier League Champs Manchester United were gunning for glory, pursuing a second successive European Tittle, something that no team had achieved. Against them stood a massive mountain, which all the now-calling-for-manutd-heads commentator had dismissed.

The first 10 minutes of the match were the only time when ManUtd were on the pitch contending for the match. After Samuel Etos goal, it became a nightmare for a Manutd fan. Our hopes were slowly buried pass by pass by the midfielders Xavi and Iniesta. Anderson, it seemed was throwing in a cage of hungry tigers and was running helter skelter, so over awed by the situation that he seemed completely misplaced. Even our regular Energizer Bunny on viagra, the THREE LUNGS PARK, (J.S. Park) seemed lost in the maze created by the Barcelona players.
We can always say that it was just not our day, but i guess we need to realize that we missed a ROY Keane on the pitch. We were outplayed, shaken and stirred (not what 007 had ordered) by a team that was supposed to have defenders on crutches.

Well i ll still be waiting, next year, as calm and relaxed, as a dog on a bench in a park, chasing a silver foil in the wind, which BARCA this year stole from us.

Even though we have the HATTRICK of English Crowns to feel happy about and three other trophies.. the Champions Of the WORLD, the Community Shield and the Carling CUP, we are cribbing about the UCL loss. I guess being a MAN UTD supporter it spoils us that even 4 trophies cannot satisfy us, and we look for something more than just 11 minutes....
Till then ..