Saturday, August 22, 2009

Z1 X1 C1

The travel hassles and the work load of getting back to attending lectures, had left me little time to keeping blogging.
I wanted to dedicate a little space to the Worst captains i have seen, Punter aka Ricky Ponting. It is a wonder the Australians dont see the lack of innovation, the mind numbing dumbness in him on the field as a leader. He tried all sorts of psychological bull shit on England's debutant J Trott only to find himself TAKING A BOW to England as they mercilessly (and thankfully) won the Ashes.
It is no wonder that Punter has lost yet another Ashes and i wont be surprised if he loses another one at home too.
The look on the face of Punter is priceless and will don my desktop wallpaper for days.
I guess it is time for him to call it quits.
BTW, as i write this blog Argentina has yet again lost in the qualifiers. Even though they might qualify through the playoffs, i cant help smiling at the thought of them losing. Feeling happy as the overhyped coach and overhyped players (MessiaAHHH) are suffering the same fate as the Aussies.
Enough with the sports.
Bhai log .... Buchanan has done it .... Z1X1C1.. yeah guys ... he is less veergin than wat he was in India.. macintosh aint the only thing decorating his LAP ... Buchanan has emulated the prince of GOGOLE's achievement.. It aint far before he Lets the world know THAT CODE RED BREACHED!!!
The proudest men at this moment would be Sunny KA BAAP and Judi Popo, their efforts have finally paid off. The confidence shown by Sunny KA BAAP in his closest comrade was the root of the courage. Buchanan unfortunately could not tape his achievement to provide KaanHiya the reason to keep his little soldier awake at unearthly hours at night.
There is news that LALA has a new man in his life !!! The long distance relationship of LALA and Buchanan is off.. aka Love AAJ Kal.. they are even hosting a break up party to celebrate. LALA other soulmate DTM (dehati turned mod) urf ROSS is also gone back home. The betrayal of LALA has left Ross and Buchanan heart broken.

P.S. LISA RAY suffering cancer !! Hope she fights and stays fit !!

"Aife Aife !! Kaife Kaife !! ".. thankfully thiF blog waF not written that way !!!