Thursday, November 25, 2010

Your MIND is the scene of crime

"This is the strangest life that i have ever ... known ... ",
James Douglas Morrison.

Just like beauty, Genius too lies in the head of the beholder.

Where am i? When did it all start? What is at the end of it? Would you want it to END?
Thrown into middle of somewhere. Wandering around, looking and staring at wondrous objects, trying to make a connection, with awe and gaping mouth. I have seen this before. But recalling or placing it in the right place seems impossible or rather the last thing on your mind. Are you wandering inside your head. Playing the little game that Jim referred to. A place where music is seen and colors are heard. A place where thoughts are not just fleeting ideas, they are like doors, each door leads to a new adventure.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thru' narrow chinks of his cavern.", William Blake.

I just remembered i had taken one of the doors, to land in this place. I want to continue finding answers. I was not alone, i recalled, there were a few who along with me wanted to cleanse their "doors of perception".
May be they took different doors, I try to find them, but cannot see them anywhere. I know i can feel that each one of them is wandering through the same plane. Should I open my eyes.
Coming back from a limbo .. aka Inception style.. I make a contact with reality, well they are all here, in the same room. Was I in this room all this time? How much time has passed? Were they in same places that i had been? We make contact, look at each other, dazed eyes, smiling faces, the feeling of knowing something had happened, something which need not be spoken or written. The song changes, laughter all around. Is this laughter the signal of a dawn of a new wave. A new wave which will carry me back to ....

Is this real? When you are plunged out of the ocean or a kaleidoscope where each dot of is a pixel, composed of red, green and blue, slowly decomposing into their natural hues. All this just by the sound of music.
The feeling.. Is equivalent to falling into an abyss.. Or is it the sheer joy of discovering something that existed but never realized.. Or is it of fear, that i would never be back.. Or is it the sadness that this will end..
You just don't know if you are ever going be back to reality. What is reality? A concept which our brain makes us think is true. What if I spent my entire life in a prison or a box. Would that be my reality. What if I was shroomed. Would it just be one bad trip waiting to end. What is time in such a state ..
There is no concept of time when something is endless . So how do u differentiate .. Between something that is eternal or something that is fleeting .. Is it just your mind which makes u feel that way .. Can pain just vanish if the mind wants it to .. Would we remember the pain if there were no scars .. How would it feel to trying to recall the pain after seeing the scar ..

...... Waiting for the .....sun ...... (song end).... eyes open...

Update--- On hindsight, all these relate to When the Music's Over and Waiting for the Sun from the DOORS.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Even Tendulkar can FAIL!!!

Before people start bashing me only on reading the headline please continue. How a blog can mention that a person who is idolized by 1 billion odd Indian people, be associated with the word FAIL? A person or a legend who has crossed every milestone, won every heart beat, a legend with the power to make the life of 1 billion people frreze only by wielding a wooden cricket bat has eventually also FAILED.
GOD has FAILED in hiding his identity from mere mortals, that his name on earth is SACHIN TENDULKAR. Cricketers can now file complaints with ICC that all this while they were competing against a superior power. May be just to fulfill the universal law, "the whole universe conspires to let you achieve your goal --> leading to beginners luck", is the reason why GOD gave his wicket away to Panesar, Harris, McKay and many other bowlers, so that they never lost heart and followed their passion for cricket.
Here are a few quotes for the legend that is TENDULKAR. (Most of them made by me, an eternal devotee)
  1. Bhagwaan has done it!! now i can retire from cricket in peace.. wait a sec.. we need 10 more centuries, a World Cup, 20k ODI runs, coz ... YEAH DIL MAANGE MORE!!
  2. Sachin got there first, we don't care who the hell Neil Armstrong is !!!
  3. Even what many hackers couldn't accomplish, Sachin has done it, Denial of Service from Cricinfo.---Gopal Shastri
  4. SACHIN is GOD and cricket is his most wonderful creation.. those who doubt this can consider rehabilitation.
  5. Commit all your sins when Sachin Tendulkar is batting, coz it is GOD himself who is batting.
  6. Agar LAGAAN ke time Sachin Tendulkar hota, toh picture bahut choti banti!! Plus Britishers Independence bhi de dete!!
  7. I finally know what god really looks like!! He is about 5"5, Maharashtrian and plays cricket!! Tendulkar bapa moraya --- kunal kapoor twitter
BHARAT RATNA" and "SIR" will probably come along in few months or years time but even those wont reflect the effect Tendulkar can have on life of a follower. I have celebrated each of his innings as if each and every run has been scored by me or a kin, I have criticized him every time he got out because I never understood that GOD wanted his identity to be hidden. Staying up whole night from 1 am to 9 am on an exam day was the best tribute I could give GOD who has given me a religion to cherish for life!!
To sum up then, this is probably the best day of my life, which might not be true, coz when Tendulkar makes 100 100's that would definitely upstage this.

p.s. just to add about the modesty of Tendulkar..:
Long ago there was a Pepsi ad "Sachin ALA RE!!" where Sachin is shown swatting cricket balls with a wicket stump, he was actually asked to use a mosquito swatter but he told the ad director (Prahlad Kakkar) that using a mosquito swatter would show that Sachin is bigger than cricket. He was plain and clear that he won't shot the ad with that script. This shows the respect that Sachin has for the game, despite the adulation received from all quarters.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Ugly Scenario

Manchester United being out of FA Cup is indeed turning out to be a blessing in disguise. From being spoilt with a variety of choices on the wings, we are now without Giggs (fractured arm) and Nani (stupid Red Card) for atleast 3 matches. With no matches this weekend, at least we are sure of not adding any more players to the injury department.
The medical table has been over occupied this season at Carrington. At one stage the back four for United read, Giggs, Carrick, Anderson and Fletcher. With such a injury devastated season, United are still only one point off the top. WOW!! As a fan i want them to win, but we have to take into account how poor the squad availability has been to SAF. As if losing Ronaldo was not enough, a spate of injuries to each and every defender, led SAF to call upon the service of kids from the U-18 and reserves squad.
United as usual were written off at the start of this season, which indeed happened every season. No Ronaldo (as if with Ronaldo we were given a chance by the critics ever), no replacement for Ronaldo, no strikers, even the most hardened United fans would have had their doubts. But when in doubt, trust in your GOD, like SRT is GOD for India in cricket, SAF is the GOD here. SAF has had years of experience and when he says, "we need no strikers", who the hell am i to say that we need one.
Even if this season we fall short of Chelsea, it would be said that we missed a striker or Ronaldo, but no one is going to point out the fact that we were without any defenders for a major part of the season.
There is still a long way to go and i have no doubt that the least we going to achieve this season is the Priemer League. The unprecedented four-in-a-row and record breaking 19th title beckons us. But we are all forgetting.. "THIS INDEED IS LIVERPOOL'S year !!"