Thursday, November 25, 2010

Your MIND is the scene of crime

"This is the strangest life that i have ever ... known ... ",
James Douglas Morrison.

Just like beauty, Genius too lies in the head of the beholder.

Where am i? When did it all start? What is at the end of it? Would you want it to END?
Thrown into middle of somewhere. Wandering around, looking and staring at wondrous objects, trying to make a connection, with awe and gaping mouth. I have seen this before. But recalling or placing it in the right place seems impossible or rather the last thing on your mind. Are you wandering inside your head. Playing the little game that Jim referred to. A place where music is seen and colors are heard. A place where thoughts are not just fleeting ideas, they are like doors, each door leads to a new adventure.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thru' narrow chinks of his cavern.", William Blake.

I just remembered i had taken one of the doors, to land in this place. I want to continue finding answers. I was not alone, i recalled, there were a few who along with me wanted to cleanse their "doors of perception".
May be they took different doors, I try to find them, but cannot see them anywhere. I know i can feel that each one of them is wandering through the same plane. Should I open my eyes.
Coming back from a limbo .. aka Inception style.. I make a contact with reality, well they are all here, in the same room. Was I in this room all this time? How much time has passed? Were they in same places that i had been? We make contact, look at each other, dazed eyes, smiling faces, the feeling of knowing something had happened, something which need not be spoken or written. The song changes, laughter all around. Is this laughter the signal of a dawn of a new wave. A new wave which will carry me back to ....

Is this real? When you are plunged out of the ocean or a kaleidoscope where each dot of is a pixel, composed of red, green and blue, slowly decomposing into their natural hues. All this just by the sound of music.
The feeling.. Is equivalent to falling into an abyss.. Or is it the sheer joy of discovering something that existed but never realized.. Or is it of fear, that i would never be back.. Or is it the sadness that this will end..
You just don't know if you are ever going be back to reality. What is reality? A concept which our brain makes us think is true. What if I spent my entire life in a prison or a box. Would that be my reality. What if I was shroomed. Would it just be one bad trip waiting to end. What is time in such a state ..
There is no concept of time when something is endless . So how do u differentiate .. Between something that is eternal or something that is fleeting .. Is it just your mind which makes u feel that way .. Can pain just vanish if the mind wants it to .. Would we remember the pain if there were no scars .. How would it feel to trying to recall the pain after seeing the scar ..

...... Waiting for the .....sun ...... (song end).... eyes open...

Update--- On hindsight, all these relate to When the Music's Over and Waiting for the Sun from the DOORS.