Monday, January 24, 2011

Madmans Scribblings

Albert Einstein Quote :
"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Sanity is opposite of Insanity.
But Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, this is exactly what every human does.
So every human is Insane.
There is no concept of Sanity, when it doesn't exist.
There is a fine line between Insanity and Genius. Well since everyone is Insane, everyone has an equal chance of crossing "the fine line" towards Genius.

p.s. I hope it makes any iota of sense in the morning..

Madmans squibbling .. contd..

Rather than a blog, this is a short note on weird stuff going on in my brain. If rated, it could well range from ridiculous shit to Freudesque garbage.. Reading this is highly discouraged... I have listened to an hours worth of a lecture on THE DOORS, before that i had got really "better"..

What is the smallest unit of life? A collection of years, which in short is a collection of months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. The smallest unit of life is may be present or "NOW". But what do we do at "NOW", we either think of what he did before "NOW" at an earlier "NOW" or what we will do after "NOW" at a later "NOW".

So when we get to now (five seconds later... ), the moment that we thought of at an earlier "NOW", all we are doing is not the thing that we want to do now, but thinking of what we had said at a previous "NOW". There in comes the phrase, "live in the moment". If humans started doing that, it would result in chaos, confusion. That is the reason why we bank on the past and look to the future, and pee on the present. (RDB)...

Rating a day happy or sad or bad now takes a really interesting turn. When we are not concentrating on "NOW" and missing what we are doing "NOW", and not celebrating "NOW", how can we say how we felt in the last minute, which makes up the last hour, which makes up the last day, and slowly adds to life.

"Where's your will to be weird? ", Jim Morrison. Weirdness is will to live in NOW !!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The legend of Toma-Hawk !!!

p.s. Humor lies in the head of the reader.. A little discretion when commentating will be appreciated..

Buchanaan is back.... and he couldn't be happier. Yeah in the literal sense of the word. The fog has now spread to his inner head.

There are T-7 days to the biggest event of our (all those people who spent their life in 680-622-420-651 all fateful rooms in F block) lives. It might turn out be bigger and more significant than 20-12-2012. Our tall KAANhiya's little major will see the battlefield. After millions of hours of net practice, hard work, dedication, constant nagging by JUDIpopo and Technical Improvement Sessions by SUNNYkabaap, he finally makes his Test Debut. It is a momentous occasion, something on the lines of Sachin Tendulkar making his debut.

Though Sachin made his debut at a slender of age of 17, this Master Blaster had not even realised his potential till 22. To put things in right perspective, at 17, there are chances our Kaanhiya might have not even known how to put a "grip" on his willow, least of all know that he had a "willow".

All of his net practice experience will have to be called upon when he strides on to play his first innings. This is uncharted territory for the young lad. Getting used to the pitch and bounce and seam will be crucial. The first session is crucial, keeping control of his wicket while scoring runs at a steady pace is what the experts (Arun-LALA... ) would recommend. But underestimate or predict on your own peril, since the aggressive intent might just works wonders like his hero Viru. He will be hoping to fare and cope better than his statemate Raina and "ride" the bounce.

Although there is no T20 or Odi experience to bank on, the sheer volume of the potential stands on this young mavericks side. He has seen leaps and bounds and bounced back a better person and player every time. The Toma-Hawk might have been under utilized under Punter's captaincy during the latter part of KAANhiya's career but we all know what he is capable of.

To end on a serious note, Buchanaan as usual awaits the match stats and bulletin, since this match is not telecast live, much to the chagrin of many people, not even the LIVE COMMENTARY or Cricinfo Updates..

To really end on a serious note, a century on debut or a fifer will be cherished and applauded, but even a match winning three-fer like Zak or a Laxmanesque match winning 70 odd with the "tail", will be mentioned in the annals of how-we-made-our-debut.

Well seriously being serious, Buchanaan from his heart or head or fog, will be looking forward to when KAANhiya just like the old days of first year gives him advice and leads the way. Just like cricket, Buchanaan will want KAANhiya to help him when he tries to stride for his foray. We all want to wish him the best of luck and bless him in this new phase of his life. A lifetime of happiness and success.

Just remember, "Play your natural game", this is what DADA advised Viru when he bashed and smashed NZ for his first odi century.
"Play your natural game through the PAIN", this what Buchanaan advises his VIRU !!!