Monday, February 21, 2011

Madmans Quotes

It becomes even more difficult to explore the unknown when you have lost the difference between known and unknown !!

Reality is a relative term.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

journey to the Treasure Chest !!!

"Desire!!" It is what keeps me alive. A desire to find the Treasure Chest, based on the faith that everyone of us have a destiny to fulfill. I wander through time and ages seeking that treasure, finding intermediate clues along the journey. The journey through vast barren lands, encountering numerous treacherous peaks and varying changes of climate. Hair, color, hygiene all take a back seat as I move single minded towards the treasure chest. Upon reaching this final destination, the joy of discovering the gold, is often brindled by a lingering question, "What did I cherish most, the journey or the treasure?"
The journey made us what we are but the treasure drove us in the first place. This journey is what i will bank on for future, but will I have the same passion for the next treasure? Would the journey hold the same significance had I come to an end and realized there is no treasure chest awaiting?
Is it really fair to reveal the contents of the treasure chest to a fellow traveler who is still searching? Does he want the momentous pleasure of getting a treasure hunter badge , or does he seek the knowledge and truth that the journey offers. Who makes this decision?
This could be another intermediate clue towards my treasure.

Friday, February 18, 2011

It has to happen !!

19th Feb 2011, might just be the start of the most memorable sporting event I would have ever followed. When the clock strikes 12 here in LA, Ravi Shastri might be tossing a memorabilia coin. The gravity of occasion dawns upon me only when I become Mr. "NICE!!". Thinking forward is a road I just cannot afford to travel, because that road takes me to a day when the single most Iconic figure in my life, would never play in a One Day international. I have spent a major part of 19 years of my life celebrating and witnessing GOD himself take part in Cricket. Pleasure, pain, breakdowns, sorrow, joy, adrenalin, passion have all been part of this journey. It is a pity I missed 3 years of HIS batting, (i donot remember that time of my life.. though i cannot think of anything i could have been doing better than watching HIM bat).
There have been scratchy times when even this devoted follower was more than just losing his faith. May be i just could never digest the fact that even GOD can fail at times. I have had anger bouts just because i could never understand how GOD could fail. Even when i wanted CSK to win IPL-3, deep down i couldn't bear the thought of HIM losing.

If there is one thing in my life I am proud of, it is "quit life, watch HIM". 41/51 test centuries live -- quite an achievement. This was apparent when i spent from 3 am to 7 am in a library cell only because HE was batting and me missing even one ball, or moving from my position, or opening my crossed fingers/ toes, or drinking/eating/listening/reading would cause a flutter in the universe and distract GOD from HIS apparent hobby (batting). That day, GOD made 200 !!!

If the "millions.." and "millions.." of ROCK's fan make him the most electrifying man in sports
entertainment, think what "BILLIONS" and "BILLIONS" of GOD's fan make HIM. There are more than just a few million people who would stay awake at un-GOD-ly hours on 19th Feb, just to watch HIM. This sheer stat is enough to show the passion that one man inspires. Is it not apt that half the world stands still when GOD is busy playing !!!

HIS batting gave people hope that even super heroes existed. There could be "miracles" (when He tried bowling). That hard work and determination could lead you to achieve mind numbing achievements. That quitting in face of defeat was just not an option. That respect was earned not demanded. That fame, money and pride can go hand in hand with humility. That national pride could give a high, which no substance abuse could. If there could be a ideal human, it was HIM, but after all HE is not human, at least for me.

I am at loss of words regarding to what i would do after HE retires from cricket. I have spent all my conscious and semi-conscious years following HIM. I just donot know life without HIM. All my years are catalogs of something HE achieved that year. e.g. 1998.. i remember HIS bday (even Warne does :-) ), but i dont recall mine own. I have categorically had the best day and worst day of my life because of HIM. The retirement thought is crushing but the honor of witnessing a career of such magnitude drives me on. There is an entire generation which grew and molded themselves on HIM.

Religion might teach us to kill/ divide/ ostracise people. But my religion is sports and my heroes are not mud deities but in flesh and blood. Our GOD has united a country which has more than 1,652 dialects... in each of those dialects god means Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar !!