Thursday, November 5, 2009

The most F**ked up i have ever felt.

Dejected, deflated, devd'd, demotivated is all i felt after praveen kumar was adjudged runout. It is as if the earth stood still. The forlorn feeling had creeped in the moment Tendulkar pulled off a Misbah. Flashes of the Chennai test match vs pakistan flooded the memory where team couldnt score 17 runs after Tendulkar got out.
Nothing can take away the genius from GOD. He played out of his skin, leading a juvenile and dumbass of a talent Raina to forge a partnership which had put us in a winning position.Being an Indian cricket fan i should have been accustomed to these loses but i guess the special innings from Tendulkar and the rejection on his face just doesnt let you digest the fact that TEN DO, TEN DONT. Had Tendulkar scored a century and India had lost by a 100 runs i wont have felt as bad, in fact i would have been celebrating the 45 century. But it is the way GOD single handedly guided us so close .... i am at loss of words for the grief. Cannot even imagine how GOD would be feeling right now.
A match which should have been remembered as the ONE-Where-Tendulkar-raped-Aussies would now be hailed as the ONE-where-Tendulkar-fell-3-runs-short. It would be hailed as an example of the spirit of Australian Cricket to keep fighting even with most of their team injured.
I wish someone would donate a brain and some balls to Jadeja. WTF was he thinking. The way Praveen was pissed at him, i wont be surprized to see the headline "Fast bowler shoots budding youngster".
A day which i should have spent celebrating an innings of a lifetime, i would now be sulking and trying to drown. Please send some bh**ng from India to help me through this phase.
Finally to quote a friend, "Tendulkar sorry, India doesn't deserve you."