Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A dark beginning

Its only after I realized that I had to think twice, to confirm, whether I am talking within a dream or a reality, that I felt the need to control the good and the demon inside me. There is a Sal Paradise and a Dean Moriarty in every one of us. One a lazy listener and other a crazy agent.
The darkness had to be trapped. Is darkness a black flame or absence of light?
I had been following those designs never once doubting it wasn't going to be all better. How innocent I was to believe that I could achieve a purity of thought and then go back to the way I had always lived like. A god inside was switched on during the day, the devil filled my ears during the night, overcome by guilt at dawn, it was all equally pleasurable, I failed to differ. There was a choice I had to make, the devil was too tempting to resist.
Inception if it isn't just the beginning. Germination. A tiny idea, evolving, formulating and taking shape in our head. Amazingly enough it consumes my existence. The little game which Jim Morrison had also referred to. Playing it inside your head, where the world within becomes a strange yet simple world. The world outside the window seemed stranger and more frightening, distant. Fearing the heat while making friends with the cold. Detached. No connections, lost like a bird flown away by the harsh winds. Yet hopeful.
"Truth shall find you", signs consoled, "You are just a sojourner". Reading is as much pleasure as listening, but aren't all those voices just an echo. The dark passenger, it yearns to be unleashed, there seemed no harm. Would it lead to the truth? The reality, when all those perceptions are drawn away like sordid curtains to fill our mind with sunshine. Travel that road down inside your head listening to a craving voice.

Peace comes with a price. The path of the devil might just lead to a backdoor of heaven. Truth and knowledge are your companions on the road to excess towards the palace of wisdom.
Was bitterness ever worth the time and happiness ever worth the money.
Would I not prefer a heaven or a hell over any earth, death being common to both choices.

"Wake up! You can't remember where it was Had this dream stopped?" , Awake from An American Prayer by Jim Morrison.

No connections
Come 'ere
I love you
Peace on earth
Will you die for me?
Eat me
This way
The end" ,
Jim Morrison Angels and Sailors from An American Prayer.

"People with virtue must speak out;
People who speak are not all virtuous."
"Never hesitate to ask a lesser person.",

It is indeed strange that I had filled my time with nuances than immense concentrations.

Monday, December 5, 2011

So when the musics over.....

Something wrong, something not quite right,
Something wrong, something not quite right,
It may not last, till the end of the night,
Till the end of the night...
Universe has set the wheels in motion,
Will you follow the path to the other side...?

People around have conspired,
It will happen just as they transpired,
It won't matter what you had desired,
There are no dreams that you admired...

The line around you is moving,
Try all you want but its not stopping,
When will you know...
You are chasing a shadow.

Crossroads of confusion,
Lack of confirmation,
Lets feel lost on a highway of seclusion,
and not live in a cage of bright illusion..

Burn away,
Burn away..
lets live a life,
lets breathe out in the open,
lets shout at the top of our voice,

rot away, before it gets bright,
recording dreams at night,
chasing white rabbits in their flight,
wanting to reach that other side,
Lets live a life...

Give me a hint,
show me a sign,
grant me a look,
send me a book,
catch me on a hook,
drop me a line,
burn me with fire,
drown me in a mire,
set my funeral pyre,
tell me a word,
message me a bird,
Its almost time,
send me a sign,

Dreams will get clear when the end is closer,
The light will fade and the music will soon be over..

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A stoner life

He is a lunatic with a rhetoric interior,
Spending life driving pleasure out of drugs and drinks,
He never shaves, doesn't give a thought to his career,
A hedonist grows, while a slave shrinks.

An apartment or a cave,
They look pretty much all the same,
Shelter, cloth and food, his needs are crude,
A putrefying body, a purifying soul.

Longing for love, friends, teachers and loneliness,
He is happily lost on a road through a dark tunnel,
Madness, they called it,
It is simply a will to be weird.

He behaves normally,
As a calm straight hippy,
No desire, no yearning for a pot of gold,
Just a hunger unsatisfied, and dizzy highs to explore.

A shabby exterior he looks upon, gazing into a mirror,
lost, aimless and desperate it glares,
Wondering with amazement at his own earthy form and reflection,
reminiscing sacrifices, as he pushed those boundaries of reality.

Resurrect and polish, they crooned,
Get a hold, join this raging, mad herd,
spend life on collecting furniture, car and money,
carry them to a worthless grave, they chaffed.

To him, life is blissful, yet cruel,
he finds soft death more comforting,
Yearns for peace, and a clear, untroubled, unburdened, unprejudiced mind,
wishing he could show others, what he had just heard.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

G..U..JJ..U... gujju !!

It took me a rather long battle to win in my head before writing this. The incidents might be framed or rather fictitious, any serious consideration is deeply forbidden.

Love is in air for our dear Gujju. He has searched for it, begged for it, lusted it, yet never found it, up until now. He ties new bonds, and enters realms of those sacred dreamy promise-lands. That too with a girl. Unbelievable. Believing myself to be the best man, it is an honor to roll in the credits before a silent warrior-within takes on his journey, finally with a pillion rider for his FZ, which he had incidentally bought using my money. This saintly, pure at heart, "gujju "warrior is a picture of resolute determination towards conquering those battles inside his head. The question of "WHAT? WHAT sagar WHAT?" is still being sought for answers. Those scars are deep, they kept him a hungry lusty beast.

We all had our doubts about Gujju. Adi, and I, with utmost horror recall those nightly-adventures of Gujju with SunnyKaBaap. A signal filled with love and a gentle reminder of "its night, lets sleep", was foreplay for a night of sheer terror, for people, sleeping in adjoining rooms, filled with creaking sounds of rusty springs from a battered mattresses, broken by muffled shrieks. Pain and pleasure. Immense ferocity ending in a soft embrace. The result of those nights was a broken back for one and lust-satisfied blissful day for the other. Despite those ghastly, goose chasing, bumpy nights, we now are glad to hear that it had not left a mental scar on Gujju. He is straight but with a lingering back ache. After a lot of pleading and begging for mercy, the lord has shown our Gujju a "straight" road. Love is finally in air.

Gujju is still the machine we all admire, for his neatness and adherence to schedule, be it washing his clothes or shaving his beard. Even the speed at which he eats his food is timed to schedule. It is his heart that is priceless. We, the "Burger Generation", pledge sincere loyalty to him who saved us from starving. We owe our dog-like loyalty and faithfulness to Gujju. He would inadvertently break his sleep to fetch some food for us lazy fat asses. He would feed us water. In case of emergency, we could safely bank on using Gujju's soap, comb, razor, towel, milk, clothes, socks, even wear his jockeys in some instances, when the maid had lifted ours. He wouldn't mind, and even if he did, we really never cared of it then. But now that he is stepping into a new land, leaving a gaping hole in our lives, and no free rides to have cold cocoas, we stop to get a hold of those moments.

Gujju will remain in my memories as an under utilized stud, a gujju stallion with no one to ride. He has seen more action at night with "Lina" and "rikimaru" in forests of dota than in real life. A true geek, with solid interiors and attractive exteriors, more appreciated with guys than girls. A true brother, who carried his own birthday cake from the bakery. A real gem.

My parting words would be stolen from Johnny Depp and altered to make me appear enlightened. "Life is not so much about the destination, which for all of us is death, but the journey, which is bliss if traveled upon with the right companion".

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On the Road

"They danced down the streets like dingledodies, and I shambled after as I've been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones that never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes "Awww!" .. "

Saturday, November 19, 2011

This much is true: You can't burn out if you're not on fire. ..

Life is as simple as we want it to be. A draining but purposeful journey, to search for that we call happiness, in our own dwarfish narrow worlds. Craving to expand our horizons beyond those constrained by our vision, knowing those chains that bind us to reality, become a charming burden to bear. A reason, providing fake solace to ones wandering mind, watering the ashes of a tigers wrath into fodder for a trained bull. Misleading us into pastures of prudence, away from cliffs of dreams. Yet we all live, waiting, just like a cigarette butt, glowing for one last moment before it fades away, wondering, whether it will leave behind a black searing shadow on a white surface or a white illusion of ash on a black one.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Madmans Scribblings

World would be a lot cooler if we could all discover the "amazing" inside our heads.

I have the mental scars to prove the predictability of my unpredictability.
It is not me, but the presence of a set of preconceived perceptions about me, that you are talking to.

Monday, November 14, 2011

From Hell.

Dwelling upon those mysteries of life,
I pondered, sore and tired,
Can any hell be more terrible than the present,

We forsake time to save more money,
Slavery, it has become our middle name,
Society, it has bound us, obstinate as a mule,
Television, brings us soft death, every hour

Life's joy,
More fleeting than a comet,
Its pain, stays forever.
Collect those tiny timbers, to make ourselves a boat,
Row across the ocean, hoping to meet an uninvited visitor.

Prisoners own their cells,
Kings cherish their throne,
bloodbath either one has caused,
One gets time for retrospect, other gets a gemstone.
Generals lead us into wars,
Warrant medals for their bravery,
A killer, we take his life away for butchery,
Murders roam our streets,
Vowing to protect us.

Yearn to acquire soulful wisdom,
lead my way through that dark hour,
Death, wild haired, will bring us peace,
unwelcome and undesired,
Myriad of miniscule trifles,
consume our existence,
Cribbing, lusting, we rot, until death finds us.
Where is the child who believed in miracles,
Where is the innocence in simple plays with street urchins,
Where is the will to dream,
To conjure castles, to date fairies, to fight monsters and rescue hapless villagers.
Confined in a labyrinth,
Is our present any different from a matrix, devoid of free will.
For man likes not to travel inside his head,
yet call himself an artist,
Never take a detour, to find universe in a grain of sand,
to lie under the stars,
yet Man has advanced, from living in caves to pigeon holed apartments.

Yet we disapprove of death, our only friend,
Set us free to limitless joy,
Rid us of troubles,
Open those doors,
Cleanse our soul, so we can perceive,
The devil promises infinite, God restrains desires.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Aimless and lost.

"Are you a writer", it asked of him.

No words came out yet. I am a lost traveler, he said to himself. Searching for a thing which should be sought more. May be it doesn't even exist. There must have been people before me, who would have gotten lost. Meaning of life, inner peace, a guiding hand in the wilderness, a lonely charm, tranquility in thought, access to deepest secrets of the universe. The little game inside the gold mine, our head.
I often feel like a bystander on a highway, waiting, for a blue bus. Watching cars pass by. The make, reflected the drivers' soul. Those souls had immersed into a myriad of materialistic obsessions, craving freedom. Life too just like most cars on that highway, never stopped for those who stood and wander. With an irony in the face that it often passes by unnoticed , remembered more for a set of unforeseen calamities.
Looking heavenwards, the sky, it seemed a lot calmer. Clouds scattered across, breaking blue plains with tiny white specs of cotton, yet, thick enough to engulf the light. A gentle cool breeze washing his face, bringing sounds of laughter from the west to his ears. Birds gliding along. Chirping, perhaps asking questions of the wind. A lonely bee, wandering, having lost a scent of treasured flowers, rests on a hook, as it take a break from its search. A pigeon flapping vigorously trying to untangle itself from leaves, branches. It had been entrapped while searching for a place to build its nest.
Universe has conspired. It always has. The idea has been simple and yet never understood. Blinding, to keep everyone searching for ways to make themselves feel happiness, to have an illusion of control over what we call life. A momentary sense of pleasure, to help its secrets remain hidden in plain sight.
Sky is a lot calmer, he thought.

"Are you a writer", it asked again.
"No, I am just a sojourner in civilized society".

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Madness or Precision

Each second ticking through,
Presence, was all it asked of us,
Beckoning us to follow a timer sound,
Awaken to an inevitable truth.
Riding a new high,
Waiting for a new sun,
Realizing a futility in reason and judgement, cage that last fleeting glimpse of glory,
Living, waiting for the end to come.
Engulf us, the flames, glazing, gold, a stove of knowledge.
It will burn us, its our salvation.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

As it is, ... infinite

Amazement, the smog draws near. To take us to green forests. Peals of laughter, shoulder to cry upon, these friends will lead us to dangers ahead. We travel, we earn, we eat, we love, we worry, but it eventually ends in a shallow bed. Moments of inner peace, reflection, retrospection. Simplicity, thoughts floating like single clouds on a clear day, pale blue. No more quests, no more journeys, tired bodies needing rest. A break from the soft parade. Masquerading as student or teacher, the needy or the helper, the one or the just another one, takes its toll. Draw your eyes closer. Take a dip with us.

We are back. Into a dream. Or is this life?

Unison, confused yet in control. The lack of sense, yet a clarity of idea. Childlike innocence, no more judgement. Hunger. Break the rules by which our thoughts had been bound into a narrow corridor. Enjoy talents, creations, give rise to new elder forests. Break through religions, start a cult. Celebrate love and laughter, swim into a river, whirling and undulating. It will lead us to banks, trails leading us to doors. Taking us through mysterious lands. Feeling the true existence of every moment. With music as our only friend. Friends as our only companion.

The time is up. The parade will begin soon. Grant us one more hour to glorify this day. Shower the time with remembrance. Bring back a treasure before we leave in search of soft lies. Wait for the dawn, draw a mask and move ahead. Yet yearn to be paroled, for forever, before death draws near. Vagaries of life, whether to live now or die, trying to live some other day. Who will remember us? Why are we bound to the eyes that lie and the arms that chain. Is it the end, or do I have to watch this same reel again, waiting for being cast.

Have you been born yet or unconsciously gazing at an echo?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Ship of fools !!

Is knowing as easy as people show it is. The mystery behind knowing it all: It is not so mach about finding the meaning of a doors song, but to enjoy a meaning totally having forgotten the earlier one upon its discovery in a previous ritual. A mirage spawns on every song, a glow of colors, a stage, with a caesaresque-poet, delivering a sermon, trying to lead his people into corners of truth and turmoil. Where confusion is no longer an enemy, but a key to opening any door which could lead into air over an abyss. The excitement, hysterical peals of childish laughter, of lost ways and conversations, followed by sudden and utter silence, unison, waiting for the scream of the butterfly. These secrets are dark, humongous, make you feel lost. One feels restless, like searching for "a strangers hand, in a desperate land." That hand is leading all of us into our journeys. Journey to various places, to find various treasures, to commit mistakes and learn from them. The journey continues, but there is a latent feeling, of bidding goodbye, the hand will set us free, leaving only a chain of thoughts. This message, gets lost within a poster of Scarface or in a city of tall structures, now rubble. The thoughts, either make no sense or have obscured only to be constructed back on a later ritual. I am awake. Or closed to a world of magic.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Madmans Quibblings

The problem is, I have forgotten half the things.. and i was too dazed to remember the other half !! In fact I took Jim Morrison's quote of "learn to forget" way too seriously ... All that remains is a hazy past, filled with long cryptic nights, misty dawns, sounds of laughter in the air, a rumbling stomach and random clues to trips with friends surrounded. Only persistent feeling was that of joy, child like happiness, everything was dazed and confused, and yet simple and exactly how it should have been. Wondrous bliss filled each noon as I scanned my fading memory for which month it was, remembering the day seemed too arduous and ridiculous a task.
All i knew was that the future was uncertain and the end was always near with a past forgotten and a confused present .....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Madmans Quibbling ....

Spirituality is often mistaken for religion. It is not so much about finding a God to worship but finding the God within oneself. Any connection with the soul or an activity that bring true inner peace and invokes contemplation on a superior level could well be Spiritual..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

So you think you can tell...

Everything is "written" or so as it is said. Life has a complicated yet beautiful way of functioning in circles. Decisions or choices which are already made are thrust upon us to be re made, simply to make us believe that we are in control. Situations manifest themselves in ways such that we are made to believe that we manipulate the choice we make, in accordance with the one that is already "written", and still feel in control. Are we are the ones controlling and leading our life towards our destiny, or some external hand that is incessantly leading us down the path. If the latter is true, then how much are we in control. Who is the one who "writes" it all down and scripts it ever so brilliant to make the matrix seem non existent. "There is someone in my head but its not me". Brilliant poets have emphasized that when you don't know where you are going, any road will lead you to it in some words or others. Even to the extent that you can not change the direction of the wind, but you can change your course to suit it.

How do you reach "IT" when you do not even know where you are going. Is it a simple case of the aimless never getting lost. Would you trust the invisible force to do justice? Do we own our lives or we are just a medium through which a hidden director films a bigger picture? Can you simply hang yourselves on someone Else's words or in this case, unheard scripts?

I have felt at peace and eternal bliss when i have let the script run its course. Somehow it has felt better when i haven't tried to control things that have happened but rather enjoy them unraveling itself in front of me. I felt in sync. Sync with simplicity and easiness. "No more money, No more fancy dress, the other kingdom seemed by far the best, until it reveals the jaws of incest". Why does Jim Morrison say, he had to set us free, since we will never follow him. He knew something, the magnificent and well read poet that he was, but he couldn't tell it to us. He had been through "The doors" and often come back to leave us clues. Clues that could only help us. It was his job, as a shaman, to help the erring fools bound by material gains.

It was so vivid, lucid and omnipresent, yet unnervingly beautiful that we wouldn't have understood its cardinality. Until and unless we ourselves are the discovers, it has no meaning, no emphasis, no importance, the lesson has lost its meaning.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jim Morrison poem.

Moment of inner freedom
when the mind is opened and the
infinite universe revealed
& the soul is left to wander
dazed & confus'd searching
here & there for teachers & friends.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The sum quote of my life

Pain heals, Chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever.

This post is not just a dialogue from the movie Replacements. It means the world to some of the people who can relate to it. Those some who have in some way or other have sacrificed a part of their lives to celebrate a Genius. Those some who are not related by blood but by passion for the ONE. Just so that it never gets lost in the mindless messages on facebook i want to keep it b"logged". Whenever the going gets tough, belief and hope are tiny rays of light escaping through cracks in rocks into the darkest caves. No amounts of eloquent words, waxing lyrics, ballads of victory can do justice to what this inspires in the men who know what the words in that post mean. It is the light of Elendil.

This is what many lived for, this is what they will tell their kids and grand kids, this is what i would want to read before i bid adieu.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Rangers Quibbling

I can live in a tree house with just my horse than be a caretaker of a mansion and a job ...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Madmans Quotes

It becomes even more difficult to explore the unknown when you have lost the difference between known and unknown !!

Reality is a relative term.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

journey to the Treasure Chest !!!

"Desire!!" It is what keeps me alive. A desire to find the Treasure Chest, based on the faith that everyone of us have a destiny to fulfill. I wander through time and ages seeking that treasure, finding intermediate clues along the journey. The journey through vast barren lands, encountering numerous treacherous peaks and varying changes of climate. Hair, color, hygiene all take a back seat as I move single minded towards the treasure chest. Upon reaching this final destination, the joy of discovering the gold, is often brindled by a lingering question, "What did I cherish most, the journey or the treasure?"
The journey made us what we are but the treasure drove us in the first place. This journey is what i will bank on for future, but will I have the same passion for the next treasure? Would the journey hold the same significance had I come to an end and realized there is no treasure chest awaiting?
Is it really fair to reveal the contents of the treasure chest to a fellow traveler who is still searching? Does he want the momentous pleasure of getting a treasure hunter badge , or does he seek the knowledge and truth that the journey offers. Who makes this decision?
This could be another intermediate clue towards my treasure.

Friday, February 18, 2011

It has to happen !!

19th Feb 2011, might just be the start of the most memorable sporting event I would have ever followed. When the clock strikes 12 here in LA, Ravi Shastri might be tossing a memorabilia coin. The gravity of occasion dawns upon me only when I become Mr. "NICE!!". Thinking forward is a road I just cannot afford to travel, because that road takes me to a day when the single most Iconic figure in my life, would never play in a One Day international. I have spent a major part of 19 years of my life celebrating and witnessing GOD himself take part in Cricket. Pleasure, pain, breakdowns, sorrow, joy, adrenalin, passion have all been part of this journey. It is a pity I missed 3 years of HIS batting, (i donot remember that time of my life.. though i cannot think of anything i could have been doing better than watching HIM bat).
There have been scratchy times when even this devoted follower was more than just losing his faith. May be i just could never digest the fact that even GOD can fail at times. I have had anger bouts just because i could never understand how GOD could fail. Even when i wanted CSK to win IPL-3, deep down i couldn't bear the thought of HIM losing.

If there is one thing in my life I am proud of, it is "quit life, watch HIM". 41/51 test centuries live -- quite an achievement. This was apparent when i spent from 3 am to 7 am in a library cell only because HE was batting and me missing even one ball, or moving from my position, or opening my crossed fingers/ toes, or drinking/eating/listening/reading would cause a flutter in the universe and distract GOD from HIS apparent hobby (batting). That day, GOD made 200 !!!

If the "millions.." and "millions.." of ROCK's fan make him the most electrifying man in sports
entertainment, think what "BILLIONS" and "BILLIONS" of GOD's fan make HIM. There are more than just a few million people who would stay awake at un-GOD-ly hours on 19th Feb, just to watch HIM. This sheer stat is enough to show the passion that one man inspires. Is it not apt that half the world stands still when GOD is busy playing !!!

HIS batting gave people hope that even super heroes existed. There could be "miracles" (when He tried bowling). That hard work and determination could lead you to achieve mind numbing achievements. That quitting in face of defeat was just not an option. That respect was earned not demanded. That fame, money and pride can go hand in hand with humility. That national pride could give a high, which no substance abuse could. If there could be a ideal human, it was HIM, but after all HE is not human, at least for me.

I am at loss of words regarding to what i would do after HE retires from cricket. I have spent all my conscious and semi-conscious years following HIM. I just donot know life without HIM. All my years are catalogs of something HE achieved that year. e.g. 1998.. i remember HIS bday (even Warne does :-) ), but i dont recall mine own. I have categorically had the best day and worst day of my life because of HIM. The retirement thought is crushing but the honor of witnessing a career of such magnitude drives me on. There is an entire generation which grew and molded themselves on HIM.

Religion might teach us to kill/ divide/ ostracise people. But my religion is sports and my heroes are not mud deities but in flesh and blood. Our GOD has united a country which has more than 1,652 dialects... in each of those dialects god means Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar !!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Madmans Scribblings

Albert Einstein Quote :
"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Sanity is opposite of Insanity.
But Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, this is exactly what every human does.
So every human is Insane.
There is no concept of Sanity, when it doesn't exist.
There is a fine line between Insanity and Genius. Well since everyone is Insane, everyone has an equal chance of crossing "the fine line" towards Genius.

p.s. I hope it makes any iota of sense in the morning..

Madmans squibbling .. contd..

Rather than a blog, this is a short note on weird stuff going on in my brain. If rated, it could well range from ridiculous shit to Freudesque garbage.. Reading this is highly discouraged... I have listened to an hours worth of a lecture on THE DOORS, before that i had got really "better"..

What is the smallest unit of life? A collection of years, which in short is a collection of months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. The smallest unit of life is may be present or "NOW". But what do we do at "NOW", we either think of what he did before "NOW" at an earlier "NOW" or what we will do after "NOW" at a later "NOW".

So when we get to now (five seconds later... ), the moment that we thought of at an earlier "NOW", all we are doing is not the thing that we want to do now, but thinking of what we had said at a previous "NOW". There in comes the phrase, "live in the moment". If humans started doing that, it would result in chaos, confusion. That is the reason why we bank on the past and look to the future, and pee on the present. (RDB)...

Rating a day happy or sad or bad now takes a really interesting turn. When we are not concentrating on "NOW" and missing what we are doing "NOW", and not celebrating "NOW", how can we say how we felt in the last minute, which makes up the last hour, which makes up the last day, and slowly adds to life.

"Where's your will to be weird? ", Jim Morrison. Weirdness is will to live in NOW !!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The legend of Toma-Hawk !!!

p.s. Humor lies in the head of the reader.. A little discretion when commentating will be appreciated..

Buchanaan is back.... and he couldn't be happier. Yeah in the literal sense of the word. The fog has now spread to his inner head.

There are T-7 days to the biggest event of our (all those people who spent their life in 680-622-420-651 all fateful rooms in F block) lives. It might turn out be bigger and more significant than 20-12-2012. Our tall KAANhiya's little major will see the battlefield. After millions of hours of net practice, hard work, dedication, constant nagging by JUDIpopo and Technical Improvement Sessions by SUNNYkabaap, he finally makes his Test Debut. It is a momentous occasion, something on the lines of Sachin Tendulkar making his debut.

Though Sachin made his debut at a slender of age of 17, this Master Blaster had not even realised his potential till 22. To put things in right perspective, at 17, there are chances our Kaanhiya might have not even known how to put a "grip" on his willow, least of all know that he had a "willow".

All of his net practice experience will have to be called upon when he strides on to play his first innings. This is uncharted territory for the young lad. Getting used to the pitch and bounce and seam will be crucial. The first session is crucial, keeping control of his wicket while scoring runs at a steady pace is what the experts (Arun-LALA... ) would recommend. But underestimate or predict on your own peril, since the aggressive intent might just works wonders like his hero Viru. He will be hoping to fare and cope better than his statemate Raina and "ride" the bounce.

Although there is no T20 or Odi experience to bank on, the sheer volume of the potential stands on this young mavericks side. He has seen leaps and bounds and bounced back a better person and player every time. The Toma-Hawk might have been under utilized under Punter's captaincy during the latter part of KAANhiya's career but we all know what he is capable of.

To end on a serious note, Buchanaan as usual awaits the match stats and bulletin, since this match is not telecast live, much to the chagrin of many people, not even the LIVE COMMENTARY or Cricinfo Updates..

To really end on a serious note, a century on debut or a fifer will be cherished and applauded, but even a match winning three-fer like Zak or a Laxmanesque match winning 70 odd with the "tail", will be mentioned in the annals of how-we-made-our-debut.

Well seriously being serious, Buchanaan from his heart or head or fog, will be looking forward to when KAANhiya just like the old days of first year gives him advice and leads the way. Just like cricket, Buchanaan will want KAANhiya to help him when he tries to stride for his foray. We all want to wish him the best of luck and bless him in this new phase of his life. A lifetime of happiness and success.

Just remember, "Play your natural game", this is what DADA advised Viru when he bashed and smashed NZ for his first odi century.
"Play your natural game through the PAIN", this what Buchanaan advises his VIRU !!!